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Contributing to the altimeter development or writting your own altimeter


If you want to write your own altimeter firmware or to contribute to the altimeter developement you can check out my github account where I try to update the altimeter code. The firmware is based on the Arduino project and the various board are currently compatible with the Arduino Uno, Attiny85 or 84.

You should be able to developpe on Mac, Windows or Linux.

I have also written some altimeter front end in JAVA so that they can run on Windows, MAC or Linux.

An Android application is also available so that the altimeter can be configured on the field.

All source code is available free of charge so that people can improve it, if you do make changes to the code please share it. Should you find a bug I would be gratfull if you could report it.



To modify the firmware you will need to download the Arduino developpment environnement from the Arduino web site. Version 1.0.x up to version 1.6.x should work.


Java Console

The Java console is written using Java JFrame. You need to go to the Eclipse web site and download the latest version of Eclipse.

The serial library used is the rxtxSerial library, choose the one for your development platform.


Android app

You will need to download  Android studio in order to be able to modify the Android front end. You should also be able to use Eclipse to modify the Android application but I find it a lot easier to use Android studio. Currently the application should run on any devices running Android 4.X or greater.



Iphone app

Unfortunatly I do not have any Iphone and I am not planning to buy one so if you want to write one feel free to do it and distribute it.



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