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Batteries for your altimeters


Which batteries to use?

I personally  use li-ion or litium batteries because they are reliables, they last longer, provide much more current for a lighter weight. When looking for a battery make sure that your altimeter will work with it.

Most of my altimeters will work fine with 2 cells batteries or 9V shape batteries (not for the SMT version). I suggest that you look at the altimeter summay page to quickly identify which batteries your altimeter can use.

You can buy those from hobbyking, ebay, Aliexpress or your local shop.


Note that the latest SMT version can work with one cell batteries. If you are unsure which battery you can use with your altimeter I suggest that you go to the altimeter sumarry page. If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact me.



Charging your batteries

You will need a special charger to safelly charge your batteries. Make sure that the maximum voltage per cell is 4.2Volts, you will also need to make sure that you ballance all your cells (ie: the voltage has to be the same on all cells). Lastly make sure that the cell voltage never go under 3V for a lithium cell and 2.5V for a li-ion cell.

Refer to your battery instructions in order to charge it in a safe manner.


Various chargers can be used from a cheap 1S usb charger to an advanced one such as the IMAX B6 that can charge pretty much anything.


Safety with lithium or Li-ion batteries

Those batteries need special care. You have to make sure that you do not over charge them and that you do not over discharge them.

If they start to inflate you will have to destroy them.



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