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Mini Alti Uno Files (Using an ATtiny 85)

Note that for this altimeter the latest version of the code is 1.3

This has been fly and it is stable
This is a port of the stable code of the altimeter Altimeter AltiDuo for the processor ATtiny 85. This is experimental, a prototype has been built first tests are succesfull but this has not been fly yet....
This one is the same program with a Kalman filter
This version has bugs corrected + now it beeps the version when the altimeter initialize This is the latest version and I strongly recommend to upgrade with it. Fixes an import issue with fast flight.
Mini Alti Uno kit build instructions-14-05-2013-eng.pdf
Those are the kit building instructions With this version instead off using a pyro charge you replace it by a sonic locator that is triggered just before the rocket land.


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